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Second day deliveries placed by noon EST are shipped Monday-Wednesday. Overnight orders placed by noon EST ship Monday - Thursday. Orders placed after the cutoff for the weekend are shipped on Monday for Tuesday delivery.

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Flightless Fruit Flies

Flightless fruit flies are easy for your pets to eat and easy for you to keep! They are a great live food source for small reptiles and amphibians, spiderlings, dart frogs, beta fish, and even birds.

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Who Eats What?

Our climate controlled worm environment at Armstrong's farm produces plump, healthy worms that our customers use for many things. Armstrong's meal worms, wax worms, and super worms are an excellent source of variety to a reptile's diet, offering herp pets and birds enjoyable meals and nutrition. Our big red worms (also known as red wigglers) are also great for fishing, and are highly recommended for for composting. Big reds will eat their way through your garbage and turn it into rich soil.

Wow! What a great experience. This is my first time ordering with Armstrong crickets and I was very pleased when they arrived on the expected day and were all (minus one or two) alive! A great value and great service! Thanks Armstrong Crickets!

Susie Waterhouse Couvillon

I am so impressed by these folks and their cricket, I give yall a 10 star rating!

‎Jerri Mcclendon